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51 Erminnie Mary Elliott Ernest C Wilson W 29 June 1911 Bk P P315
her DOB-9 April 1879. Jackson Co, IN Marriages 1850-1920, WPA.

Erminnie Mary Elliott Ernest C Wilson W 29 June 1911 Bk P p 315
DOB 9 Apr 1879
Jackson Co, IN Marriage 1850-1920 WPA 
Family F1047
52 Gabriel Elliott married Howell 4-5-1797. p13, Perquimans Monthly
NC, Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, p8.
1797, 5, 6. Gabriel Elliott reported married to Mary Harrell.
MM, NC, Hinshaw, Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, p47.

1797, 5, 6. Gabriel Elliott reported married to Mary Harrell. 
Family F893
53 Geo N Goodwin f-Richa m-Christana Mary Elliott f-Henerson Elliott
m-Mary 9 Jan 1868. Perquimans County, NC Marriages. 
Family F1075
54 Grandfather (Isaac) of William S. Elliott moved to Virginia, where he
married Rachael Overman, a native daughter of the Old Dominion State,
and a member of an old and honored Virginia family, and as young married
people came to Wayne county, Indiana, probably about the year 1818...
Blackford & GRANT Counties, Indiana, Skinn, 1914, vol 1, pp 298-300. 
Family F934
55 J. Nixon Elliott married Ruth Winslow married 14 Nov 1872. Issued 13 Nov
returned 9 Dec 1872. Bk 4 p5778 Marriage records Grant County, Indiana.
Compiled by John R. Elliott. 
Family F1112
56 James Elliott 2nd marriage was to Martha Winslow (widow of Jesse)
17 Mar 1781. History Of Perquimans County, NC, Winslow 1974, p344. 
Family F1433
57 James Elliott married Sarah Toms Jun 18, 1807. Suttons Creek
Monthly Meeting, NC, Encyclopedia of American Genealogy. (see p183).

(James Elliott son of Solomon, decd of Perquimans County, NC & wife Miriam Winslow)
married (6-18-1807 Suttons Creek Mtg, NC)
Sarah (Toms) daughter of John & Mary of Perquimans Co, NC b-4-23-1780 Perquimans Co.
CH: (Benjamin Toms born 2-9-1809)
(Zachariah Nixon born 9-26-1811)
(Martha Nixon born 9-8-1813)
(Miriam T born ca 1815)
Mary T born 5-20-1817
Eliza Ann born 9-23-1825 
Family F930
58 James J. Elliott married Mary Jones, father-Peter Jones, married Nov.
6, 1754. Memories and records of eastern North Carolina, pp105-6, pp
135-9, Mary Weeks Lambeth, 1957. 
Family F1105
59 John F Elliott, son of Doctren Elliott & Synthia Elliott, married
Margaret Harrel, daughter of John & Margaret Harrel,26 Jan 1868.
Perquimans County, NC Marriages.

John F Elliott 26 Jan 1868 Doctren Elliott Synthia Elliott
Margaret Harrel John Harrel Margaret 
Family F1121
60 Keziah Elliott John Robinson married 31 Dec 1774 Chowan Co, NC.
North & South Carolia Marriage Records, William Clemens, 1975,
Publishing Company, p86.

Keziah Elliott John Robinson married 31 Dec1774 Chowan Co, NC 
Family F939
61 married about 1822. General John Elliott Woods' Chart.
Docton Elliott married Cynthea Dail Jan 09, 1822. Perquimans Co, NC
Marriages 34077.

Docton Elliott Cynthea Dail 9 Jan 1822 #077 01 027
Bondsman-Elisha Burk Witness-John Wood Bond#000104827 
Family F1065
62 Mary Z Elliott Leander Golding May 20, 1880 C-4 p101.
Howard County, Indiana Marriage 1844-1920, WPA Index. 
Family F1226
63 Patrick H Elliott married Levina F Reeves June 1_, 1884 CC-7 p254
Henry Co, Indiana Marriages 1850-1920, WPA Index

Patrick H Elliott Levina F Reeves June 1_, 1884 CC-7 p254 Henry Co, IN 
Family F980
64 Thomas Elliott (son of Solomon) married Margaret Cox (widow of Joseph,
daughter of John & Ann Roberson) at Suttons Creek, DEc 19, 1830. She
was born Jan 12, 1789. History of Perquimans County, Nc, Winslow, 1974,
Thomas Elliott married Margaret Cox 12-19-1833. Suttons Creek Monthly
Meet, NC, Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genalogy. 
Family F942
65 Thomas Elliott married Abigail Anderson Apr 17, 1800. Suttons
Creek Monthly Meeting, NC, Encyclopedia Of American Quaker Genealoy. 
Family F864
66 William S Elliott Avis J Ivish Dec 29, 1870 C-K p33.
Index to Marriage Records Wayne Co, IN 1860-1920. 
Family F977
67 William S Elliott Ruth Wilson married 23 Nov 1865, Marriage
Records of Grant County, IN BK 3A p 318. 
Family F1022
68 William S Elliott Sarah R Heavenridge Aug 29, 1852 CC-1 p92.
Henry County, Indiana Marriages 1850-1920 WPA 
Family F976
69 WYKE ELLIOTT & Polly, his wife, were married at Sand Creek, Bartholomew
Co, IN the 15th day of 3rd month 1837. Bible of Charity Mahala (Elliott) Trueblood 
Family F959
70 WYKE ELLIOTT and Mary, his wife, were married at Cedar Creek, Henry Co,
Iowa the 14th day of 1st month 1858. Bible of Charity Mahala (Elliott) Trueblood
POLLY ELLIOTT, wife of Wyke Elliott, deceased at Sand Creek in Bartholo-
mew Co, IN 12th month 7thday 1848. Aged 34yrs 3months 24days.

Mary Elliott, second wife of Wyke Elliott and daughter of William Trueblood and (1) Elizabeth Newby (daughter of Jonathan Newby) was born at Wayne County, Indiana the 28th day 5th month 1814. (Mary was a spinister at the time of her marriage. She was much loved by all of her Trueblood and Elliott relations.) pg 24 & 58 #236
Elliott Family from book Yhe Trueblood Family IN American 1682-1963, Bula Trueblood Watson, 1964 information supplied by Louisa Stratton, 1618 S Garland Ct, Lakewood, CO 80266. 
Family F1173
71 !SOURCE PROV Rennie M ELLIOTT U1396 20 Broad St, Morris, NY 13808
Earliest know generation that of John & Betsy (Taylor) Elliott, he was a farm laborer born in Roxburghshire and they are believed to have spent their lives there.

1. - John Jr. - b. Roxburghshire, c. 1803? m Ann
Trewhitt, she was b. c. 1804? (SCT or ENG depending on source/year of census) c. 1834/1844? They emigrated to Burlington, NY and later Pittsfield, NY, said to have died at 70 years of age c. 1884, survived by one son and 3 daughters. (other sources say had 3 sons and 2 daughters total)

2. - Alexander - No info.
3. - William - No info.
4. - Robert - No info.
5. - Margaret - No info.
6. - Betsy - No info.
7. - Walter F. - b. c. 1809? Roxburghshire, d.
Pittsfield, NY 1874, 8 kids, married Margaret Minto b. c. 1824 
Family F3589
72 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV

Notes poated 11-9-2009

We now believe that Daniel had only 2 wives and that Ruth ELLIOT (listed below) was mar to a different Danilel ELLIOT. This is acccording to information from resaerch by:

1. NEHGS research september 2008
2. Henry A Elliott MD paper
3. Rumney Then and Now History (pgs 162-163)

1. NEHGS findings:
"The vital records of Croydon , New Hampshire (page 82) show a marriage of Daniel Elliott to Ruth Elliott on 11 dec 1803. No Indication is given if this is the same Daniel Elliott that married Olive Adams 2 years before.

We examined the microfilmed colection, "New Hampshire Vital Records to 1900", but did not find any record of the birth of Aledn Baxter Elliott. We did find Danile Elliott Jr., (son of Daniel Elliott and Ruth) As the two families are enumerated in the 1850 Rumney New Hampshire census and it is possible that some had assumed they were brothers, though no documentation evidence has been found. We then located the death of Alden B Elliott, which clearly names his parents as Daniel Elliott and Olive (Adams) Elliott. The record states that his father Danile Elliott was born in Sutton, New Hampshire and his mother was born in Hubberston. Baised upon our reasearch in the vital records, we can conclude that Alden Baxter Elliott was the sone of Daniel Elliott and Olive Adams and the grandson of Jonathan Elliott of Sutton Massachusetts.

2. notes from Henry A Elliott MD paper (1936-1937)
16 Church Street
Barnet, Vermont

Olive Adams Elliott in a book written by herself, states that, "We moved to our own house in the woods (I suppose meaning Rumney) in 1824" and King Hiram, the youngest and only child to be born in Rumney was born in 1826. It is possible that Jotham being the eldest went to Rumeny one year before the rest of the family which would make it 1822/1823 he would having been born Nov 30 1801..'

Olive Adams own book says Dec 22, 1824, "We moved to our own house in the woods..." "...and again Jotham moved away on January 29 1825 and Harvey went away March 23, 1825.."

Above statement literally interpreted means that our ancestor, Daniel Elliott and wife Olive Adams and their 12 children moved into Rumney, NH from probably Lebanon NH and located in the region now known as Stinson Lake Road, then the woods, now and later Elliott Hollow.

King Hiram Elliott, their youngest and only child born in Rumney was born May 17 1826. There is some evidence that Jotham the eldest child of Olive Adams and Daniel Elliott born at Sutton, Mass, on Nov 30 1801 was located in Rumney as early as 1822. History states that there were other Elliotts in town before that but I can find no evidence that they were of our kind.

Old notes (research 2002 and prior):
!The basis of understanding the Elliot Family of Rumney, NH, rests on Daniel J. Elliot and his 14 children born of three different wives and his son Daniel who begat 18 children (Daniel 7, Daniel J. 6, Jonathan III 5, Jonathan Jr. 4, Jonathan Sr. 3, Daniel Jr. 2 and Daniel Sr. 1, who arrived from Scotland). He 1stly married Polly Morse in 1797 and had one daughter. Polly died in 1799. He 2ndly married Olive Adams in 1801 and had two sons before Olive died in 1803. He 3rdly married his first cousin, Ruth Elliot, d/o John Elliot Jr. and Mehitable Sibley, and had 11 children, all born in Croydon, NH, where the family had moved on 28 Jan 1804. !SOURCE Virginia Gilcrest of Barnet, VT. 
ELLIOT, Daniel J. (I10636)
73 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV

notes:JONATHAN ELLIOT, b. August 16, 1701, Framingham, Middlesex Co., MA, USA He married LYDIA HARWOOD on 26 May 25, 1726 in Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, daughter of JONATHAN HARWOOD and REBECCA TWISS. She was born Abt. 1705 in Sutton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts. Child of JONATHAN ELLIOTT and LYDIA HARWOOD: JONATHAN ELLIOTT, b. 1729 d. October 31, 1813

!SOURCE II (J.C. Elliott)"The Elliot Clan and Border Reivers DNA Project" Elliott/Eliot/Ellwood DNA Results (FB7UZ)Jonathan b. 1701 is my direct ancestor more information at: www.freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gallgaedhil/haplo_elliotts.htm (FB7UZ)
ELLIOT, Sr. Jonathan Sr. (I10620)
74 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV

She was the daughter of Jmaes WHEELER and Elizabeth WEST 
WHEELER, Hannah (I10599)
75 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV

some sources say he was born on 7 of October 1782 
ELLIOT, IV Jonathan IV (I10641)
76 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV

Was the first child of Daniel ELLIOT and Olive ADAMS born in 1801. He came to NH with his parents and remained there 20-30 years. The family left Rumney NH after 1850 for the west.

Jotham ELLIOT remaove form Rumney, NH after 1858 for that time he assiset Daniel ELLIOT in building his house in Elliott Hollow. His son Joatham P died and is bur in Ellsworth, NH, adjoining Rumney.

He married Lydia WEAVER b 10 oct 1791 
ELLIOT, Jotham (I10662)
77 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Elizabeth (I10602)
78 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Rebeckah (I10608)
79 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Patience (I10610)
80 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Huldah (I10611)
81 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Peleg (I10612)
82 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV BUXTON, Esther (I10614)
83 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV HARDING, Sarah (I10621)
84 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV CHAMBERLAIN, Betsey (I10622)
85 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV HILL, Jr. James Jr. (I10625)
86 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV BRIGGS, Philanda (I10629)
87 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV BRIGGS, George W. (I10630)
88 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV HICKS, Joseph (I10631)
89 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Lydia (I10633)
90 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Lucy (I10637)
91 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Prudence (I10638)
92 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Sarah (I10642)
93 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Aaron (I10643)
94 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Simeon (I10645)
95 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Polly (I10646)
96 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Arnold Adams (I10652)
97 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Olive Louisa (I10655)
98 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Lydia M. (I10656)
99 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Almira (I10657)
100 !SOURCE U0478 !PROV ELLIOT, Obed Quincy (I10658)

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